AYRTON Rivale Profile

AYRTON Rivale Profile


Flight Case PRO, 1x Ayrton Rivale Profile - Ref: MH1.AYRRIV.01N

Flight Case PRO, 2x Ayrton Rivale Profile - Ref: MH1.AYRRIV.02N

RIVALE PROFILE is the first ultra-equipped luminaire in AYRTON’s brand new “ULTIMATE“ series, all models being perfectly homothetic and sharing common features, delivering previously unimaginable weight to output ratios.

Developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors, and in all conditions, RIVALE PROFILE, with its unique visual signature, is unparalleled on the market. Weight determines performance, and RIVALE PROFILE weighs only 28 kg. It is capable of outstanding performance unprecedented for a product in this category. To allow you more creativity and freedom in your lighting design, RIVALE PROFILE has been provided with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement. RIVALE PROFILE is fitted with a brand new high-efficiency 450-watt sealed mono-block LED. module calibrated at 6500 K that offers a luminous flux of 30,000 lumens with optimal positioning on a black body to obtain perfect light neutrality. The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, delivering a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and zoom range of 4 to 52°.  Equipped with a 160 mm frontal lens, RIVALE PROFILE can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4°, close to that of AYRTON’S famous “LT“ versions.


RIVALE PROFILE has adopted a brand-new high-definition progressive CMY color-mixing system that delivers perfect color reproduction as soon as the filter is inserted, regardless of the color combination selected.

An extended progressive CTO lets you fine tune the colour temperature from 2700 to 6500 K, and a seven-position colour wheel completes the palette of tools dedicated to creating colour. For greater flexibility of use, RIVALE PROFILE allows subtle adjustment of the colour rendering index from 70 to 86. The framing section permits accurate positioning of each shutter blade on a 100% surface area with a rotation of plus-or-minus 90°. A fast 15-blade iris diaphragm enables beam optimisation in Beam mode. The image section of RIVALE PROFILE includes 15 high-definition glass gobos on two wheels: one rotating wheel with seven positions and one fixed wheel with eight positions. The effect section is fitted with a monochromatic animation wheel, two combinable rotating prisms and two frost filters. RIVALE PROFILE, a unique projector that boasts performance, creativity, subtlety and power, is the most versatile fixture created by AYRTON to date. A truly innovative luminaire with no equivalent on the market.


AYRTON - Rivale Profile - Presentation from Ayrton on Vimeo.

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