Santosom Flight Case Mixer Yamaha Rivage PM7 CSD-R7

The best flight case for Yamaha Rivage
10mm Birch-Ply laminated;
10mm Alum hybrid lid location;
35x35mm Aluminium L angle;
8x Large butterfly catches;
8x Ball Corners;
8x Large corner braces;
12x Large Heavy-duty handles;

4x Blue wheels, 2 with brake;
1x Dish for tour label 185x135mm;
Foam inserts to protect the mixer;
LED lighting bar;
Interior cable compartment;
Compartment for up to 2 monitors;
Compartment for Monitor and Laptop Swivel Arms;
Sliding support for Headphones;
Monitor Mount with Swivel Arm;
Laptop Mount with Swivel Arm;
Sliding tray for keyboard and mouse / trackball;
Sliding support for Microphone.
Suitable for: Yamaha Rivage PM7 CSD-R7 / PM10 CS-R10

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