REF 702CD1

Adam Hall Cable Drum CD1 Ø320x125

por Adam Hall
€387,50 (Sem IVA) / Uni
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7 Kg
CD1 Handle is integral with the drum, and the frame is fitted with an unbreakable, spring loaded, vibration-resistant drum-retaining latch. Spring clips for connector retention are available as an optional extra, supplied complete with fixing hardware.
Capacities 6.5mm cable 12.5mm cable 15.9mm cable
(tightpack) (HST,SDV-L) (FSM12, PSF1/9) (FSJ8, FSM24)
CD1 192m 51m not recommended
CD2 369m 91m 49m
CD3 755m 190m 104m
CD3.45 1141m 290m 165m
CD3.6 1527m 389m 220m

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