REF 85103

Adam Hall Defender Base For 85100 Cable Protector 5-Channels

€47,00 (VAT excluded) / Uni
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4 Kg
The ultimate enhancement for heavy loads.
Our DEFENDER Compact remains true to form: Handy, quickly assembled, with low crossover height and now able to withstand heavy loads. The unique Compact base with a weight of 3.5 kg is attached to the Compact to form a single unit. Thus reinforced, the Compact can withstand extreme loads. Even forklifts and lifting trucks can now drive over this cross -over with no problem. The 5 cable ducts, each with a diameter of 22mm, provide ample space for many applications. If a line of several DEFENDER Compact units with base is assembled, the row now remains stable even if a car drives over it.
•Length: 80.40 cm
•Width: 24.10 cm
•Channels: 5
•DEKRA certified - Certified product safety

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