Santosom Flight Case Solution for AVOLITES TITAN MOBILE

Santosom Flight Case Solution for AVOLITES TITAN MOBILE

The Santosom flight case solution for Avolites Titan Mobile is perfect for those who want a ready to go flight case system for use with maximum equipment protection.
This model, highly tested all over the world, has three parts. The base supports all the equipment on working mode.

It has 4 wheels, two with brakes and that besides being easy to transport, it also cushions the impact.

Allows a 21.5'' monitor (with a max of 490mm*50mm*300mm) that can be included or applied by the customer in a vesa system mounted on a two position bracket that allows to adjust for better visibility.

It has two led lights digitally regulated that allows illumination on the keyboard and console. It also has the logo on the side.

The back has an opening with two rack units for the connection kit.
At the front a drawer carries the ultra-thin keyboard (optional) and the mouse and a USB 3.0 port.

According to some customers this is the best flight case option for Avolites Titan Mobile.


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