Santosom Moving Head Flight case PRO, 2x Robe Robin DL4

por Santosom
€901,00 (sem IVA) / Uni
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27 Kg
Santosom professional line
10mm Birch-Ply laminated
10mm Alum hybrid lid location
35x35mm Aluminium L angle
2x Large butterfly catches
8x Ball Corners
8x Large corner braces
8x Large Heavy-duty handles
2x Lid stay with hinge
4x Blue wheels, 2 with brake
4x Castor dish on case lid
1x Dish for tour label 185x135mm
Foam Shell milling to protect the equipment

Suitable for
Robe ROBIN DL4S profile
Robe ROBIN DL4X Spot
Robe ROBIN DL4F Wash

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