Santosom Display Flight case PRO, 1-2 Screen 44" (112x14x62 UID)

por Santosom
€801,00 (Sem IVA) / Uni
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38 Kg
Santosom professional line
Usable inner dim. (UID)
10mm Birch-Ply laminated
10mm Alum. hybrid lid location
32x32mm Aluminium L angle
4x Large butterfly latches
8x Ball Corners
8x Large corner braces
8x Large Heavy-duty handles
4x Castor dish on case lid
1x Dish for tour label 185x135mm
Foam inserts to protect equipment
The interior of this flight case can be adapted in 2 ways: Either it takes 2 screens or it takes 1 screen and the remaining space is left for accessories.

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