Santosom TOUR Trunks

Santosom TOUR Trunks

We present our range of TOUR TRUNKS: 60, 80 and 120, always with 60cm depth and 60cm height values.

The Tour trunks are part of the most sold units among the more than 10,000 references existing in Santosom.

The solution we present, comes with two of the most requested accessories: the TRAY with standard values between 27 and 57cm width, 54cm depth and 11.5cm height and 

the range of racks that can hold from 2 to 10 units.

The commercialization of TOUR cases already includes rails and a removable wall that can be requested with foam.

We show you that the range of Santosom TOUR cases offers a wide variety of solutions that will help you with the most incredible purposes.

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