Who is Santosom?
Santosom is a Portuguese company with more than 20 years of existence and is dedicated to the design and production of solutions for the transport of sensitive products. The most visible are flight cases.

Where is Santosom located?
It is located in Cortegaça, in the north of Portugal.

What kind of products does Santosom sell?
It sells mainly flight cases or transport boxes, however, in recent years, it has also been dedicated to the solutions applied, mainly in the area of ​​events, in order to make life easier for its customers. It evolved for electrical solutions (frames, sub box, etc) and also the stage box, etc.

Does Santosom tailor flight cases or only sell standards?
Santosom's range of products is huge! It has more than 15,000 flight case projects. If none of them are ideal for packaging your product, we will be happy to design a custom solution.

Can I customize a flight case?
Yes. Whether it's a standard product or a made-to-measure product it's possible to customize.

How can I customize a flight case?
Santosom can record your company's logo on every flight case. This process can be done in 3 ways:

  1. By Chromatic Identification System (Printing on metal plate with sector distinction [Light, Audio, Video, Effects, Rigging, Backstage, etc.]) 
  2. By Direct Digital Printing
  3. By Painting

Can I have a corporate color?
Yes, we can personalize each flight case with the color of your company, or just put a color note to differentiate each sector (audio, lighting, video, rigging, etc).

How long does it take to deliver an order?
It depends on the product ordered.

Do I have to speak Portuguese to get in touch with you?
Not! Our professionals speak many languages. They'll probably be able to talk to you in your language!

What kind of guarantee do Santosom products have?
 The warranty for Santosom products is 12 months. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects and not misuse.

I do not find any reference, in your site, that fits our equipment?
No problem! Please send us an email, detailing the brand and model of your product. We will find the solution!

Is the warranty valid outside the home market?
The guarantee is valid in any country.

Who are Santosom's customers?
Santosom customers are the brands of the equipment, the distributors who want to deliver to their customers each properly conditioned product. Equipment rental companies are also a Santosom customer.

I'm not your client. How should I do?
 Please send an e-mail stating the company, nif, telephone, e-mail, contact, contact person, place of delivery of goods, website.

Can I be a reseller / distributor of Santosom?
Depending on the zone or country we can work out this solution.

What do I have to do to be your distributor?
Please contact us. We will be happy to send you our trading conditions so that you are a member of the Santosom family.

Is Santosom only dedicated to the audiovisual industry?
Not at all! We are increasingly working in parallel markets. We already have a considerable volume of business in the area of ​​aesthetics / health, education, industry, robotics, decoration etc.

Is it possible to have a model unique to my brand?
Yes, of course. We have this commitment to some brands. As long as you meet the conditions required for this, it will be a pleasure for Santosom to be able to work with your company!

Is it possible to be visited by a seller?
Santosom does not have sellers, we are happy to clarify all details by phone or email. If we realize that it makes sense, someone in charge of the company will move.