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Santosom at Universidade Portucalense

Santosom would like to thank Universidade Portucalense, represented by Prof. Carla Azevedo Lobo, for the opportunity to be present at the Final Conference of the IEcPBI Project, Interactive Ecosystem for Portuguese Business Internationalization

This study reports that the firms must engage in continuous innovation and restructure their operations on a regular basis.

Traditional theories of internationalization prioritized multinational corporations over entrepreneurs with small businesses. However, the development of the business world has been breaking all boundaries with the increasing internationalization of firms, regardless of their size, activity sector, or geographical area of origin.

It comes as no suprise that there has been an increasing evolution regarding the Digital Transformation. This Digital Transformation can be defined as a profound and accelerating transformation of processes, activities, competencies, and models. 

Santosom is an exporting company that is continually looking for new prospects for expansion and development in international trade. Santosom has clients all around the world, and we are delighted to be a part of the global community.

The company's mission is to continue growing and expanding its global footprint via innovation, quality, and reliability.

It is a great honor to be able to contribute, albeit in a small and residual way, to the discussion of the results of such an important study.

We congratulate all those involved, and we will gladly make ourselves available for future collaborations.



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