Flight cases for hand sanitizer

Flight cases for hand sanitizer

Our health is in our hands!

Recent events have dramatically demonstrated the importance of having rigorous hygiene with your hands.

Did you know that having your hands thoroughly cleaned is the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses?

Santosom offers the best solution to prevent the risks of transmission and contagion, regardless of your activity or workplace.

In the design of these flight cases, Santosom thought about their easy transportation, allowing easy placement and storage, always in the line of "ready-to-use".

Two sizes at your choice:

Ref. EHH.120

REf. EHH.120

Ref. EHH.080

Ref. EHH.080

Feel safe in your workplace.
Always have a SANTOSOM flight case at hand for washing and disinfection!

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