MA3 On PC Command Wing Santosom Solution

MA3 On PC Command Wing Santosom Solution

Santosom launched the flight case Lmixer.246A, an upgrade of the lmixer.246.
This is one of the three solutions created by Santosom for MA3 on PC Command Wing console.
This flight case comes in the same lmixer line created by Santosom and, more than one transport box is, by itself, a ready-to-work solution.

The LMIXER.246A has a two positions drawer, with milled foam for the super thin keyboard and a space, on left the side, for the Port Node, with the internal connections. The monitor, which can be sold with the fligth case placed by the customer, is mounted on a stand and has three working positions.

It has two digitally controlled led lines that light up the console and the keyboard respectively.

On the right side you could find a USB connector and the mouse pad that hides under the console.

This flight case was specially developed for the MA3 Command Wing and supports a touchscreen up to 27'', this is lifted by two easy-to-use handles.

The DOG House/rear compartment fits the necessary PC, a UPS and all electrical connections. The rear has an opening , prepared for a 2U panel where we can apply the connection kit or leave the space free for being applied by the client.

This is a 2 parts flight case, with wheels included, 8 big handles.
Lmixer. 246A could be customized with your corporate color and your logo printed.
Santosom Professional Cases is a Portuguese company dedicated to create and develop flight cases since 2000. We ship all over the world.

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