Santosom Lightweight Flight case for MA3 Compact XT

Santosom Lightweight Flight case for MA3 Compact XT

Every day at Santosom we receive input from current customers, potential customers, suppliers and friends from all over the world to develop solutions for a wide variety of products.

Often, especially when we talk about technicians, an effort is asked of us to develop light and compact models. This is a challenge that we sometimes accept, always trying to understand the customers' reaction.

This time we were challenged by an MA distribution company in Portugal to create a compact and lightweight model for a flight case demo.

In response, we built a case very easy to be carried by only one person with little more than 10kg, keeping the same construction principles.

Highly protected by quality materials, high density foams and pvc coating, the solution also has corner wheels for short transports on good quality floors and two handles, one on each top.

In total, flight case and console, weighs less than 33kg.
Thanks for the challenge.


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