Santosom Double Deck Par Led Flight Case

Santosom Double Deck Par Led Flight Case

Santosom presents the new Flight Case for spotlights. The LSP2M.1006080.12



One of the most important parts of the event is the lighting, it creates a sense of depth and drama in the right atmosphere.


We all know that life on stage can be hectic, and at Santosom we always try to develop solutions that solve our clients' most prominent problems.


Flight Case Santosom for storage of PAR Led and accessories is our newest solution. This Flight Case is perfect for all professional needs.



It stands out for its coupling system, which allows it to be more efficient, effective and save space, while maintaining the same quality, excellence and robustness that are characteristics to which Santosom has already accustomed its customers.


With coupling systems, professionals can better manage the necessary equipment and use this case in the most diverse situations.


6 projectors, 12 or even 18 projectors depending on the needs of each event.


Flight Case presents, in addition to the protection and transport system in accordance with Santosom's quality standards, the peculiarity of having two corner handles that facilitate opening the box and handling the equipment which is already a characteristic detail of the Santosom professional line.


This is another product with Santosom quality!


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