Santosom Flight Case for Midas Heritage-D HD96

Santosom Flight Case for Midas Heritage-D HD96

One of the most awaited moments for our design team was the day we would have the new Midas Heritage to produce.

At the request of our client QuiNoPariLaFesta from Barcelona, we received this console so desired, rare and with such a long wait. This console presented at the end of 2019 was swallowed by the appearance of this cursed pandemic.

Moving on to the presentation of our new MIXER.632P31, our flight case for the Midas Heritage, we have to mention that we followed our aesthetic line of professional consoles.

All accessories and finishes typical of a Santosom flight case solution were applied and even exceeded and enlarged in some points. At first we used the rear curtain to hide all the cables and give a clean effect.

Then, in order to make life easier for every technician, we have the microphone and headphone supports at the front. The lighting was not forgotten and, on the top of the case, there is an adjustable and orientable led line.

On both sides we have two supports for a PC and an extra monitor that in travel is housed in the lid.

From an aesthetic point of view the Heritage comes with a "MIDAS" illuminated panel which was covered up by the Doghouse. So we produced one that was put out. On the bottom we brought the branding to our case. On each side we also put a panel with the "MIDAS" logo.

This is our way of protecting the new HERITAGE. Hope you like it.



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