This is the RTSD.1280R.

This Double Rack Top Sliding, customised with a sensor that regulates the intensity of the lighting, is perfect for your tour.

This rack has been developed so that its size is ideal for transport on tour. Consequently, it has the standard dimensions, considering the ideology developed by Santosom for optimizing the loads.

Having the measures 1200*800mm, besides having the optimised standard for load-in, it also has the ideal height to serve as a base for a console. It is, in this way, created an involving and practical workstation, with everything you need at hand.  


Built according to Santosom's demanding quality standards, the RTSD.1280R has other features that make it a superior product:

- Interior lighting (optional)

- Adjustable rails - resulting in various possibilities of placing your equipment

- 660mm ARR (Adjustable Rack Rails) depth

- Stackable for a single, or two doubles of equal depth (800mm)

- Anti-vibration mount

- Internal equipment support - ideal for heavier equipment (optional) 

- 2 mm thick steel rail for standard M6 cage nuts


Will this be your new acquisition?

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