Jose Antonio Mesa - Tour Serveis

Jose Antonio Mesa - Tour Serveis

At Santosom, we seek to make known the companies we have the privilege of working with and the faces behind them.

Today we share the testimony of Jose Antonio Mesa from Tour Serveis.



Jose Antonio Mesa


53 years


Tour Serveis :



How did you find Santosom? And when?

In 2015, I saw one of your racks and I really liked it.


How was the beginning in the world of showbiz?

I started in 1980 to help assemble equipment for private parties.


Tell us about your best work? The one who gave you a special pleasure to do.

The creation of my own company, with my schedules and my organization was my best work and professional achievement.


Tell us about your dream show, the one you have to do to feel professionally fulfilled? 

Currently, I have no dreams beyond continuing to provide good service to my clients.


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