JAUME FERNANDEZ  - Sound Director at Sala RazzMatazz

JAUME FERNANDEZ - Sound Director at Sala RazzMatazz

Name: JAUME FERNANDEZ (Sala Razzmatazz - Barcelona - SPAIN)

How long have you been working on the events? More than 25 years in the world of live music. On tour and in technical production.

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What type of events do you prefer and why: live, corporate, large events, small events, etc? I mainly like live music at big events. Festivals, etc


How long have you known Santosom? For the last three years and on the occasion of a talk between technicians.

How was your relationship with Santosom? Always satisfactory and very fluid. Either through emails or by phone. 


Have you ever needed a special request? I have never needed any special request. It was always been standard requests within normal audio productions. 


Defining Santosom as a company: A company with good customer service and a quality product at a competitive price. No problem




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