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Fredrik Carlsson 


How long have you been working in the audiovisual area?

We have worked in this industry for over 10 years

What is the type of client of your company?

We both organize our own events and we sell sound and light products.

We show our products from Santosom both through our website and live at the events we are attending

 How long have you known Santosom?

For about 5 years.

 Tell us a funny story with flight cases.

 You always get happy and happy when customers feedback with praise regarding the quality of the case.

There is another market-leading brand in the Swedish market. But by being able to deliver quality cases at good prices, we constantly win new customers.


How has your relationship with Santosom been?

 The contact is top. Quick quotes and answers to all questions we have.

In today's society, quick answers, fast deliveries are very important.

 Have you ever needed a special request?

Many customers in our market are looking for special solutions.

Santosom always solves it for them.
We sell individual special cases to those who wish. Large volumes of special models for customers who wish.

 Define Santosom as a company:

 A stabil company with competent staff who do their utmost to make their customers happy


 What event did you work at and most enjoyed Santosom's flight cases?

 A Roadcase with everything you need, is there something better to bring on tour

You always make sure to fill it up before every gig. 




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