Elena Villarroya - Proyect Arte Producciones S.L

Elena Villarroya - Proyect Arte Producciones S.L

At Santosom, we seek to make known the companies we have the privilege of working with and the faces behind them.

Today we share the testimony of Elena Villarroya from Proyect Arte Producciones S.L.


Elena Villarroya


Proyect Arte Producciones S.L : http://www.proyect-arte.com/


How did you find Santosom? And when?
I met Santosom through my colleagues who already worked with her in the previous company. I started working with Santosom in 2013.


How did you get started in show business? And because?
I started my work at showbusiness by acquaintances.


Let us know your best work? And the one that gave you a special pleasure to do it.
I do the office production of the events, what is needed both in purchase and in rent, I value if that purchase is going to be profitable.



Share with us (if you have) a story in which Santosom is involved, directly or indirectly.
With one of our first theatrical productions, we designed a 40-unit double rack. That has been implemented in all the musicals and tours that we do in Spain.

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