Daniel Coelho - UAVISION

Daniel Coelho - UAVISION

At Santosom, we seek to make known the companies we have the privilege of working with and the faces behind them.

Today we share the testimony of Daniel Coelho from UAVISION.



Daniel Coelho



25 years



UAVISION : https://www.uavision.com/


How did you find Santosom? And when?

We've worked with Santosom a few times in the past.


How was the beginning in the world of showbiz?

UAVISION produces unmanned aircraft - But Santosom cases give it all!


Tell us about your best work? The one who gave you a special pleasure to do.

So far, one of our best jobs has been with the Air Force, with whom we have been working for some years. We provide 12 unmanned aerial systems. Santosom in this project was and steal be undoubtedly a very important partner as they supplied all the shipping cases. In fact, the project for the aircraft transport case is still underway. 



Share with us (if you have) a story in which Santosom is involved, directly or indirectly.

We are already experiencing crazy times in terms of work. Fortunately, Uavision has had no hands on measures in the last year. A very funny, enriching and, above all, super laborious and tiring adventure, occurred precisely on the day that I went to Santosom to get a supply of shipping cases and I met your team, who, I would like to say, are 5-star personal, friendly and cozy. Now that day I started north at 9 am. I can say that I went there, had lunch with you by the sea and started around 3:30 pm back down. That day the work continued into the night and the next day out. But in the end, the supply was delivered and Santosom played a truly differentiating role as it ensured the delivery of transport boxes for our material.



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